Welcome to my website.

I’m not sure why I have a website – it seems to be a bit of a pre-requisite for authors these days. Everyone’s got one. I enjoy looking at writers’ websites when I should be working. I like to think I am researching, or seeking inspiration. But really, I’m procrastinating and being entertained – writers have great websites.

I wonder why? I think it might be because websites are easier to write than books, so when authors get bored working on their stories they go, ‘I know! I’ll get working on my website. That’s an important job and then all my readers can know a bit about me and what makes me tick.’

That’s me all over. I should be working on another book RIGHT NOW, but no, I’m updating my website.

If you’re researching a school project or you’ve heard me banging on about something on the radio or online, and are curious to know more, it’s all here. Of course, you might be wasting time yourself. In which case, you’re especially welcome. We have lots in common.

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